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225 SEO remains the best in complete Baton Rouge, LA online marketing solutions. Whatever areas of concern you may have for your business, our expert digital markets stay here for you.

From better website design options to enhanced ads and unique content, we can take your company further than before. Whether you are tired of spending a ton on a website that doesn’t achieve results or you don’t know what to do differently, we are readily available to take your call.

Why trust your business pages to just anyone? Give them 225 SEO!

Digital Marketing Services

Whether you struggle with boosting how many potential customers visit your site or converting them to sales, we can help make the entire process simple. Our staff has years of combined experience under their belt, providing your company with the best results possible.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO begins with relevant keywords spread organically throughout your web pages. By balancing how many appear at once and how users search for them, it helps you get your information in front of more people. When you improve your search rankings, it makes it even easier for others to find you, leading to a larger volume of sales. And when you outperform your competitors, it makes you look like the leading authority in your industry. Our team targets both local users and organic growth to ethically grow your company. If you need quality results, you need us.

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Responsive Website Design

For many business owners, website design becomes how many images and videos can they cram into one page. Unfortunately, when it comes to creating better sites, more isn’t always the better route. Many facets impact how your site performs and ranks when compared to competitors. Your pages must remain quick to load while presenting practical information and clear images. When your homepage takes forever to load and stays full of broken links, it only hurts you later. Your site must also stay accessible on any device.

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Content Marketing

Once you start growing your audience, they need something to consume. If you haven’t made a blog post since last Christmas, you most likely aren’t ranking well. We can create a potent mix of offerings that help you obtain and grow a base of customers. By using current best online writing practices and creating unique, custom content, we can ensure that you excel past spammers and plagiarized pages. Becoming flagged and blacklisted is easier than you might think, and it doesn’t take much to get buried under competitors.


Business Citation Cleanup

If someone handed you their business card and it was only a jumbled mess of sentences and logos, you most likely wouldn’t give them a call. However, for many business owners and managers, they remain satisfied with doing the same thing online. Business citations appear at the end of a page, and it provides contact information and even a summary of services. All too often, these spaces get crammed with unneeded text and characters, making it challenging to figure out what it is that you do. Let our team simplify your needs with better business citations.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click advertisements can get expensive if not applied correctly. However, they also provide a robust metric for operating enticing ads. PPC ads on Google or social media require finessed skills to maximize efficiency when given number and character limitations. And when you add in the necessity to include specific search keywords, it makes PPC banners that much more complicated. Rather than hope for the best and seeing what happens, you can employ our entire team of dedicated online marketers ensuring that you get results.

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Lead Generation

If your current service provider only focuses on one SEO metric, or hasn’t delivered what they promised, then it’s time to hire our SEO team for better quality service. We have dedicated years of combined digital marketing, website design, and lead generating experience to help more local businesses thrive than with any other advertising team around. If you can’t find time to keep up with all of your marketing needs, our friendly staff remains ready to step in at any stage. From new sites to PPC ads, 225 SEO does it all, contact us today.

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